Ineza Parents' School

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About The School

Jackie Baganizi, a remarkable administrator and community organizer, founded Ineza Parents' School to provide Kisoro’s children with an alternative to the overcrowded and understaffed public schools available to them. The school has a nurturing, loving environment with music, dance, art, sports, as well as traditional academic subjects. Teachers are striving to learn teaching methods that help students to become critical thinkers and independent learners. Children are provided with morning porridge and bread as well as a full hot lunch.  

The school recently moved into its new, beautiful, permanent home. Today, 221 children between the ages of 1 and 11 are enrolled in the school’s day care program and the eight class levels. It will add Primary 6 in 2020 and will add Primary 7 in 2021 to reach 10 total class levels in 2021.  Scholarships for each grade allow the school to be open to parents who could not otherwise afford the annual fees of roughly 260 U.S. dollars per child.

Mission Statement

"At Ineza Parent's School we’ve created an environment where children are safe to trust their instincts and invited to play with abandon. We are more than a school. We are a community committed to honoring simplicity, creativity and respecting children."

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