What We Do

Kisoro Children’s Foundation is a Massachusetts Public Charity with the mission to enhance the health, education, and welfare of children in developing countries. Specifically, for the foreseeable future, our goal is support the education, health, and welfare of children and families in Kisoro, Uganda. Our initial efforts involve support of the Ineza Children’s Centre, a nationally registered and recognized community-based organization in Kisoro, Uganda.

We are thrilled to have been able to provide funding for a permanent home for the Ineza Children’s Center. The four beautiful buildings that now comprise the center were completed in May 2018. The Center is trying to accomplish a number of goals and we are seeking funding to help them reach those goals. For the next several months, we will be raising funds for the following projects:

  • Construction of a playground (estimated at $10,000) 

  • Equipping and sustaining a library (Once books are donated, 1000 children’s books can be shipped for roughly $800)

  • Scholarships for the school ($260 per child annually for 20 scholarships, and $130 per child annually for 10 half scholarships)

  • Scholarships and living support for impoverished secondary-school aged girls ($370 per girl annually for 46 girls). A generous donor has just committed to supporting 11 of these girls.

  • Sanitary supplies for girls at a local secondary school to decrease absences ($9350 for a year’s worth of pads for all 525 girls.)

  • Purchasing an adjacent parcel of land with a small house to use for the day care center and for additional space for Ineza Children's Center ($27,000)